Sexy but cute! The Molly dress is made from 100 percent heavy, silk crepe. It is lined in a stretch crepe de chin. All roses are individually made and are unique! There is a little crystal closure in the back. This dress is easy to slip on and off! 

Molly Dress

SKU: Molly2018-1
  • All though the fabric manuafacture says this faric  is washable, I'd refrian from doing that. To keep the embroidered rose looking sharp and to retain the shape of the dress it is best to dry clean Miss Molly. However, in a pinch you could hand wash and hang dry. 

  • I am made to order. It will take me a few weeks- maybe three, but I am worth the wait. Please know that I am made by a woman and you are supporting a woman lead business. Did you know that 12 percent of the CEO's in the fashion industry are women? With this purchase, you are helping to change that!