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The Pants Challenge!

Have you ever gone shopping for pants and felt like giving up?

This is exactly what happened to me the other day when I went to Nordstrom’s to look for some new pants. I typically like this dress pant style and wear a size four. Some call it a "cigarette pant." So, I walked the floor and selected as many pants that were a similar style to try on. As one can see in the picture, they are not all the same size and that is especially obvious in the length!

One may wonder why is there such a variance? Well, it has to do with the fit model and sizing that each clothing company selects for their clothes. I had a first-hand experience working with a fit model when I designed my current line, Asian Romance, which is a collection of special occasion dresses available on my website

I had no hand in selecting the model for my collection but was told she was an average size 4, like me, and that the manufacturer used her for all their sizing. Wow, I thought one fit model for all the sizing! But I was okay with that when I learned the fit model charged $100 per hour and I was paying for it! Other parts of the body that can range in sizing besides height is the bust. The fit model was 5'7" and a size “B” cup. I am 5’4” and much larger than a "B" cup! Since I was having mini dresses manufactured, I didn’t mind that she was on the tall side. It is easier to alter a dress by raising the hemline than to let it down! Bust sizes could be a problem for my fitted styles. Fortunately, I made some looser styles like a Muumuu style dress so that many different body types could wear some of my designs! Pants, however, are an entirely different fitting story!

No two people are the same and this goes for the average size fit models for different manufactures as well! One can tell by looking at the picture that the fit models for these six different pants probably ranged in height. I tried all the pants on and there was everything from above my ankle to standing on at least 6 to 8 inches of fabric! The other problem area were the hips. I tend to be more rectangular shaped. Some of these pants were made for ladies with curvy hips like an hour glass figure or triangular shape. Generally, fitting my hips is a problem of mine because I have an athletic build and no hips! As a result of my pants challenge, none of the pants fit me perfectly. I would have to have them altered, either the pants needed taken up or completely recut around my hips. Having pants hemmed is much easier than the latter BTW, and less expensive! If you have huge variances like me in sizing just know it has to do with how manufacturers or how the designer decides on sizing. Being a designer myself, I have just resigned to the fact that shopping for pants will always be a challenge. I will need to have my pants altered to my liking when I buy them! On the bright side, however, thank goodness Nordstrom’s has a tailor!

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