• Timmithea

Hello World of Fashionistas!

Updated: Mar 15

Hi Fashionistas,

This is my first blog post. I intend to use this forum to converse with those who love fashion and offer you my personal musings about fashion!

Last year was amazing. Why? Because I unveiled my first collection at Fashion Week San Diego 2015. I have always designed and sewed clothes for myself or friends. This was the first time I put a collection together and offered it to the public. There is something to be said about deadlines and making things happen. FWSD2015 gave me that format to make this happen!

FWSD follows the traditional fashion week schedule. This collection was designed for Spring/Summer 2016. I am currently taking orders. Customers may order for themselves via the website store. If you are a boutique owner and would like to carry my line please don't hestitate to get a hold of me.

This past year's fashion show was held downtown La Jolla. What a lovely venue. Wall St. was shut down for 4 days. Each night there was a show. I showed the very last night on Saturday October 2nd. I was pleasantly surprised by the turn out and and equally surprised by the immediate feedback. It was so nice to have people say- " We loved your collection, and are voting for you right now!" I didn't go into this looking at it as a competition(FWSD) to win anything, but rather to fulfull a personal goal.

Personal goal filled! Now, it is time to get back to business and work on the next collection for Spring2017. Last year was an amazing year and I am looking forward to this next year to be even better!